Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sunday in Bemidji

Since we didn't have any food at the house we headed into town to eat breakfast and buy groceries for the next 48 hours and all of my favorite restaraunts downtown are closed and both Perkins and Country Kitchen seemed overwhelmed with the post-church crowd.

On the way in we listened to Garrison Keillor's loveless "Lives of the Cowboys" and that caused me to think deeper and harder about what sort of life I want to start creating for myself. I have been thinking about how I might have been tricked by hormones and my own capicity for delusion - that the love I shared with Christine was stuff of a meaningful, eternal nature - and I looked hard at the growing stack of books that I want to bring back with me to Minneapolis, math books, Burmese signs of an attraction to the less changeable things. I could get into math. Also a book on how to draw pretty girls, Manga style, and an unused sketch book.

One fantasy I had of a future life was camping and hiking deep into the state forests here and collecting seeds all summer. The market is too fickle though, I barely managed to sell $750 in seeds in 2004, and only because Prairie Moon bought out what I had put on consignment with them so I could afford my plane ticket to Sumatra to do tsunami relief.

The fact is that I have to follow through on the politics/activism a bit longer - at least to the state convention. Reflecting back on yesterday's convention in Alexandria - the parts I stuck around for - it was clear that the pro-impeachment crowd had made an impact here - one visibly frustrated delegate wanted to amend the agenda to have Q & A or debate on the merits of impeachment immediately before the endorsement was to be conveyed to Rep. Colin Peterson. What is also clear is that Minneapolis impeachment/Jack supporters have not invested enough time in this district to help organize anything successful, there has not been a transfer of knowledge to newcomers or liberals as to how you organize to accomplish anything using Robert's Rules and the convention format, that delegate lists are available to any DFLer for the same price the campaigns get them, that they could organize a real challenge to Peterson or his agenda by phone in the days and weeks before the next convention.

Otherwise, the convention chairs end up marginalizing such spur of the moment challenges to their pre-arranged order of business, that they protect the incumbent despite his marginally Republican voting record from imagined threates like the NRSC "tracker" and his video camera, and other dragons. That is what's the matter with CD 7 - a bigger problem than Kansas.

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