Sunday, June 01, 2008

Basilica centennial, personal prospects for love and peace

I attended the Masqueray Ball at the Basilica of St. Mary last night. I ended up seated at a table with the couple that became engaged during the toast inside the church, and with an Augsburg professor who is interested in peace and humanitarian work in Somalia, and who had recently returned from Ethiopia.

The most familiar faces at the event were Sam and Sylvia Kaplan, and those of the various priests and church volunteers that I have seen around the church and rectory since I started hanging out there during Lent.

Sylvia had the latest information on the Florida delegate dispute, and their passion for Obama was evident in nearly every conversation I had with them or overheard - they were headed to a fundraiser for Obama at Trocadero's and left the Ball early. In the only bit of pure DFL discussion Sam agreed with me that more pre-caucus training from the party could be a useful thing in the future, but Sylvia seemed convinced that the caucus process would remain and essential elitist event. I reminded them that the seating of illegally elected delegates was in my experience par for the course, after the 2006 Beltrami County delegate dispute.

City Council member Don Samuels was also in attendance.

As far as the spiritual component, the repeated mention of Jeremiah 29:7 was instructive, for while I am obsessed with peace and biodiversity conservation in SE Asia and the Horn of Africa, I am obviously in Minneapolis for at least this summer:

seek the welfare of the city where I have sent you,
and pray to the Lord on its behalf,
for in its shalom you will find your shalom

The proximity of the newly engaged couple strengthened my hope and belief in romantic love, and reminded me of an element of prayer and affirmations I read and lit a candle for on New Year's Eve at dusk, affirmations which included work towards peace for Somalia and love (and maybe even marriage)... a sign such things are possible despite the complications, anger and disappointments?


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