Friday, June 06, 2008

Heading to Rochester today

I am heading to Rochester today for the DFL State Convention. This is going to be fun!

This is also where my political obligations end. I had planned, early this year, to go this far and no further, and make being a better life partner for some girl my plan after that, and maybe to find a way to take her to Indonesia to witness my project there. While it sucks that she's not around anymore, the heartbreak has caused a major spiritual reawakening for me, and I am inspired to become more of the things I admired in her (but had a sort of rebellious adolescent contempt for most of my life).

Instead of focusing on the big desperate situations of this world, I have spent the last two weeks focusing on staying sober, perfecting my art in preparing steel cut oats in the morning, making my bed each morning and doing laundry when I need to. My sponsor has given me this list of twelve things to do each day and wearing all clean clothes each morning is required - no more bachelor sniff test!

This summer I expect to get more writing done, expect better blog posts from me as I get more comfortable and organized in my new living situation, but also know that I will be writing something serious for the market.

This weekend though is more manic follow through on my previous efforts to end the war by promoting the agenda of Congressman Kucinich and promoting broader public participation in the caucus and convention process.


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