Saturday, September 06, 2008

Dan Rather on the need for independent media

Update: The YouTube account associated with a clip from this event: Dan Rather speaks at the Big Tent's Digg Stage on Media Consolidation has been terminated. Looking for more info, another clip of the same event or a transcript to post here! "political debates" where the one thing that is sure not to happen is genuine debates, and where the questions that the public really cares about seldom if ever seem to get asked... coverage that leaves the American public ignorant of the world outside our borders, unaware of its complexities and the ways that U.S. interests are bound with those of other nations - does the American news audience know, for one example - that the concern among foreign policy elites in this country over the situation in Georgia has everything to do with major gas and oil pipelines constructed there with U.S. backing against Russian protests?


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