Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Sarah Palin's RNC Speech - Hottest VP?

Republicans seem pretty excited about Sarah Palin - she's hot. "Hottest VP" read the button worn over the heart of one RNC delegate. Poor bastards - the GOP falls in line, not in love, and the delegates have all been told to stay away from the strip clubs, despite the revelations of last night's speech (that McCain drove a corvette and dated an exotic dancer), RNC delegates have been instructed to stay away from Schiek's Palace Royal and other fine Minneapolis/St. Paul strip clubs.

Abby - dancing tomorrow afternoon - Abby is hot. Sarah Palin? Not so much!

If you are in Minneapolis/St. Paul tomorrow I'll meet you for lunch at Schiek's and we'll see some truly hot women.

I dropped in there today to see if the RNC brought the business it seemed to promise, or as reported by the GOP Party is once again at the Minneapolis Airport. I would think after the Larry Craig incident they'd avoid that venue, and purposefully make appearance in macho, hetero, stripper-packed venues with modestly priced lunch specials. The RNC in MSP has not been a river to my people.

I'd love tickets to the Google party tomorrow night... leave your extras at the counter at Schiek's for me, if you don't see me there with the hot, half Native girl, giving me Eskimo kisses and breathing my coffee breath.

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