Wednesday, October 29, 2008

1,000 Strong Against the Cake Eaters

The other version w/ Tim Armstrong has Page Morgan in it, and Oakland, CA. This one's got the latex catsuit. I'll eventually write something about the SNAFUs with the cake eaters and the influx of probably well-intentioned kids from elite East Coast schools descending upon Minnesota as field organizers for the Obama campaign and failing to orient themselves to our party, our struggles, this landscape, etc.

For all of the talk about grassroots in the Obama campaign, there's been more insensible top-down direction from Chicago, from circles with too much money, and they've burned out a lot of good volunteers, shredded goodwill with thanklessness.

Hopefully, the people understand they have more riding on this election than the professional political class. Minnesotans will show up to vote with or without a functional GOTV operation. Self-organize on your block or precinct level. Plan on crashing the party on election night and at your next caucus opportunity. In Minneapolis, that's the spring of 2009.

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