Sunday, October 19, 2008

W. Patrick Lang on Colin Powell

W. Patrick Lang reminds us as to Colin Powell's real legacy:

Powell is someone who truly "blotted his copybook" as the Brits used to say. After a lifetime of service and achievement, Powell chose in the end to "drink the koolaid" that flowed in the bloodstream of the Bush/Cheney/neocon regime that has ruled the United States for the last eight years. He was Secretary of State at a time when his firm oppositon, and ultimately his resignation would have crippled the onrushing utopian crusade for Westernization in Iraq.

He did not choose to follow that path. Instead, he chose to believe the corrupted judgments of an intelligence community leadership that betrayed the country and the armed forces by producing nonsensical estimates designed to create support for war among an ignorant and bellicose public that hungered for revenge aganst an enemy they could not even define.

Today Powell is a hero creating a temporary bump in traffic and polls for Barack Obama, a hero to Democrats who are looking for justifications for their complacency.

It is time to turn off your TV and radios, stop with the silly blog posts, and use your accumulated vacation time to make sure we actually win this and that we are organizing our communities, not massaging our egos, fantasies, etc. THat we are not being massaged by media into forgetting why we became political in the first place.

It is time to end this war - a war that Colin Powell lied us into!


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