Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Minnesota should seek more stimulus funds creating jobs eradicating invasive species

The National Biological Information Infrastructure (NBII) page on Invasive Species says:

Natural ecosystems are under siege by many harmful species of plants, animals and diseases. The impacts of invasive species are second only to habitat destruction as a cause of global biodiversity loss. The current environmental, economic, and health costs of invasive species could exceed $US138 billion per year, more than all other natural disasters combined.

I believe the amount of money dedicated to invasive species eradication in the Obama stimulus proposal should be doubled, as the control of invasive exotics can be considered the perfect labor-intensive, shovel-ready and otherwise buzzword-compliant
1 - 2 year job creation scheme.

Removing woody invasive plants like Common Buckthorn and Russian Olive from open spaces like St. Paul city parks, Hennepin County parks, Minnesota state parks and state forests and even private property could generate significant quantities of burnable biomass for St Paul District Energy...


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