Thursday, November 26, 2009

Black friday internet sale for Gaza Freedom March participants?

Would it help increase the number of participants in the upcoming Gaza Freedom March if there was a Black Friday sale for new registrants?

In a sense there is a limited-time only sale registering for the march, as the deadline is November 30th.

While millions of Americans are sloughing off their post-Turkey day food comas while waiting for deals on electronics and other consumer goods outside of their local outlet mall, a few hundred activists contemplate joining those several hundred who have already committed to go visit a population deprived of even the simple opportunity to purchase foodstuffs and sufficient fuel for their cooking and heating needs.

Are you one of these compassionate Americans more concerned with realigning our foreign policy with international law than abusing what remains of your consumer credit to purchase yet another electronic distraction device? Are you willing to go beyond the simple choice of consuming or not-consuming, of buy compulsively or buy nothing compulsively on Black Friday, and consider purchasing awareness itself?

Please join us on the Gaza Freedom March, register before November 30th. Here is the itinerary for the Gaza Freedom March Dec. 27— Jan. 2:

  • Sunday, Dec. 27: Orientation meeting in Cairo at 7 p.m.

  • Monday, Dec. 28: Leave Cairo for Al-Arish at 9 a.m.; overnight in Al-Arish

  • Tuesday, Dec 29: Try to enter Gaza from Rafah border

  • Wed. Dec 30 (if in Gaza): Visit areas most devastated during Israeli invasion


  • Fri., Jan. 1: Meet with civic organizations and community leaders, evening peace event

  • Sat., Jan. 2: Return to Cairo (arrive Cairo 11 p.m.)

* Package one (indoor camping): $250, which includes transportation from Cairo to Gaza and within Gaza, planned activities within Gaza, translation, 2 meals/day, donations to local organizations, Gaza accommodations (domitory/indoor camping; details still being finalized), donations to local organizations. Payment does not include flight, Cairo accommodations or visa fees.
* Package two: $400, same as above, but hotel accommodations in Gaza.

If you must cancel your march registration, refunds will paid minus a $200 "processing" fee.

Note: You should book your airfare as soon as possible, since flights at the end and beginning of the year fill up fast.


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