Thursday, March 08, 2012

Turning #StopKony into #StopCheney

Invisible Children are about six years too late to stop the war in northern Uganda. And the US occupation of Iraq is also over, yet its never too late to bring a war criminal to trial.

Tweet #StopCheney to highlight the fact that the US invasion of Iraq was a criminal act, a war of aggression plotted for profits of Halliburton and Bush/Cheney friends in the Energy Task Force.

Realistically, the greatest good that young people, once activated by Invisible Children's Kony2012 campaign, can do is become informed about the US defense industry, reduce the obscene amount of money wasted on war (or preparation for war) and the export of weapons to forces that violate human rights. Though US law theoretically should restrict sales of weapons to regimes that use them illegally, e.g. for indiscriminate attacks on civilians or collective punishment, there is not enough pressure on politicians (Congress, the White House) and law enforcement agencies to trigger enforcement and review.

Since the major revision of U.S. arms export law in 1976, neither the President nor the Congress have actually determined that a violation did occur thus necessitating the termination of deliveries or sales or other penalties set out in section 3 of the Arms Export Control Act

Tweet some links and facts about how young Americans can reduce militarism and war crimes by fixing our own government, our own attitudes, and reduce the harm we do to the world. And create actions!



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