Saturday, January 12, 2013

Joanna Angel mentions RSS a day before its co-author Aaron Schwartz commits suicide

The following video on social media updates by pornstars shows you how prevalent the RSS (RDF Site Summary or Rich Site Summary) technology is today - it was the basis of twitter...

Aaron Schwarz was involved in its origination as a 14 year-old. News of his death spead quickly this morning on twitter. He committed suicide, unable to face the reality of closed information systems and essentially a life sentence for jail-breaking academic journal articles he believed should be freely available to all humans via the internet (see EFF tribute, among others)

In any case. even pornstars use these freely available protocols and technologies created by a hacker (used in its rightful, creative, ingenious sense) community that created and maintains the open internet. So let's be careful with overly aggressive copyright and patent infringement lawsuits and criminal penalties, or we will even further depress the intellectually and culturally liberating power of the internet even more than such setbacks as the USA PATRIOT ACT, Acacia internet streaming patent trolling and others that I've rambled and railed against these past 8-9 years...

Here are the pornstars. Thanks for reading. If you want more adult entertainment industry technology and politics news, please support my kickstarter project about Measure B!



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